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Product no.: 5810



Electronic speed control with switch (33/45rpm)
for Pro-Ject and other turntables


• Same features as Speed Box II, but for 230 Volt and 16 Volt AC  

• Fine adjustable motor speed in +/- 20 steps  

• Digital display in blue colour  

• Ultra-stable voltage with mains filter 

• Available in black and silver  


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online shop | van den Hul The Mainsstream 7 socket block - available lengths: 1,5m 2,0m und 2,5m | HIFI reseller TIZO ACRYL

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The MAINSSERVER HYBRID has especially been designed bearing uncompromised mains distribution to low power consumption high-end audio, video and professional equipment in mind.

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An important feature of The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID are its carefully designed powerline noise suppression properties:

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